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Dig in Deeper


Our tool of choice for minimal disruption of soil and the most efficient elimination of plants like broom, holly and daphne is the pullerbear. We like supporting the local maker of them up in Duncan, but you can find similar tools elsewhere as well.


“The Pullerbears are a hand held tree pulling tool that will pull invasive and nuisance trees out of the ground with little effort and with the roots.”

native plants
Disrupted soil is exactly where invasives like to establish themselves. Beat them to it by planting native species!

Satinflower Nurseries 

“Satinflower Nurseries offers a wide selection of plants and seeds native to southern Vancouver Island.  Satinflower Nurseries (formerly Saanich Native Plants) also offers plant and site preparation consultations, and hosts a variety of community workshops and classes related to native plants and restoration.”


Master Gardeners Association of BC

“A comprehensive list of shrubs, flowers, groundcovers, Garry Oak meadow and shoreline plants for Southern Vancouver Island.”


E-Flora BC  Electronic Atlas of the Flora in BC

“E-Flora BC is an online biogeographic atlas of the flora (vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, and algae), fungi and slime molds of British Columbia.”


Government of BC Species & Ecosystem Explorer

“BC Species & Ecosystem Explorer (BCSEE) provides information for over 22,000 plants, animals and ecological communities in BC.”


There's a lot of good information out there, both on the provincial and local level.

Invasive Species Council of British Columbia
A great resource that has an extensive list of publications, can help you identify invasive species, identifies best practices and encourages reporting sightings.

Capital Region Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP)

"Providing support to public and private lands with high risk new invasive plant species."

District of Saanich

“We want to stop, reduce, control and ease the effects of invasive species on our ecosystem, health and economy.”

Coastal Invasive Species Committee


BC Ministry of Forests

Capital Regional District

CRD Priority Invasive Plants




Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board

Daphne Identification and Removal



Holly Information (download zip file)

Invasive English Holly in Forests 

Soil Impact due to English Holly

Pictures of an Invasion: English Holly

Report to Metchosin's Parks & Trails Committee

English Holly Control - King County, Washington

Holly - Key Facts

Treating Holly with Garlon

graphic files
Feel free to download these pdf files:
invasive cards
large poster of invasives

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