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Plants we love to hate:

The eight species noted above are just a few of the pervasive invasives found within the District of Metchosin. Unfortunately, there are plenty of others that like to call Metchosin home! They range from being poisonous for livestock to being bullies that establish themselves wherever land has been disturbed, (ie roadsides and land clearing), to dominate the landscape. These introduced species can outcompete our native vegetation and threaten endangered ecosystems like garry oak meadows. The prevalence of invasives on a property can not only devalue it, but in cases such as broom, become a fire hazard. Unfortunately, they know no borders!

Invasives overrun a property. A beautiful garry oak meadow.

Working with Metchosin's
Parks & Trails Committee and the CRD, MISC is making good headway in eradicating holly in the parks within Metchosin's borders.

rule of thumb

Try to disturb the soil as little as possible when pulling or cutting invasives. Disturbed soil is ripe for more invasives!

"Due to location and climate, the capital region has one of the greatest likelihoods of new high-risk invasive introductions in BC, and potentially the highest diversity of invasive species in the province."CRD WEBSITE

Thank you for your help!

We're so grateful for the ongoing support from
The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation. Their mission is to improve the conservation outcomes of BC’s fish and wildlife, and the habitats in which they live. HCTF grants gives priority to activities and investments which benefit native species and their habitats; that provide compelling evidence that the work or activity will result in enduring conservation benefits for native species and habitats and that benefit multiple native species and habitats. 
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