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For the past two years, 
MISC has taken part in the University
of Victoria Society for Ecological Restoration's Make a Difference Week
( pulling holly in Matheson Lake Park. Dr. Nancy Shackleford, Director of the University of Victoria’s Restoration of Natural Systems department, has asked us to keep track
of our efforts in hopes that one day a graduate student will use our data
as part of a holly study.


TIMES COLONIST February 4 · 2022

Arum Italicum is a toxic, noxious,
non-native plant that has headed
up from Washington.

CHEK TV May 22 · 2021
Blinkhorn / Metchosin Park

European Ash and English Holly in Metchosin's Parks.


CHEK TV December 16 · 2019
Metchosin Park

English holly threatening ecosystems
on Vancouver Island.

SOOKE MIRROR December 12 · 2019
Matheson Lake Park

Vancouver Island's ecosystems

threatened by spread of English Holly.

A great turnout of 21 volunteers for our second pull at Witty's Lagoon Park on April 6th. This is the second of many that are planned, so stay tuned!

For the fifth year in a row,
we've gratefully received a grant
from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation’s Public Conservation Assistance Fund.

A very big


We were honoured this past summer to receive the Friends of the Earth Award from the District of Metchosin at Metchosin Day. 

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